Saturday, October 24, 2009

A trip down memory lane and keepin the dream alive!!

Today was a gorgeous sunny, autum day..we had no real plans until we got a message from Lana,  the breeder we got Tucker from..and she said come on out for a visit!!

We headed towards the Fraser Valley and into the town of the home of the Hergotts..Tucker's mom and sister live here...Sara and Emma...the three had a great time playing..running on the grass, chasing the chickens..catching the ball..well Tucker hogged the ball but what else is new!!

After we left the Hergotts, we headed towards the east side of Chilliwack in search of the house that my family lived in when I was five years old...with the google map in hand and the address in my head we were in search of 205 Lewis Avenue..once again we had no luck..all the numbers were in the 4000 range..don't know where we went wrong..we went up and down the street a few times and had no success..we did find the elementary school that I went to  though...Mc Cammon Elementary..Grade One..!!

Once we were done with our trip down Tucker's memory lane..going back to his birth place..and my trip back to my roots..we headed towards ..yes you guessed it RV row..Yale Road West..Cottonwood RV was our first stop ..home of the Big Country Fifth Wheels..all were locked tighter than a needless to say we did not stay to O'Connor RV..home of the Carri-lite, Cameo, and Regal Fifth Wheels. We meandered through all the choices..maybe a Regal??..or maybe our old standby the Montana??..who knows..we have lots of time to look, plan and decide..gotta keep the dream alive and looking seems to help with that...keeps us focused!!  Keep Our Eye on the Prize 2014!!

Time to head home..our little impromptu day trip is coming to a close..with one quick stop at Freeway to pick up some chicken noodle soup and a few other groceries that were in the cupboard..(may as well eat what we have in the trailer rather than going to the grocery store)...we headed towards home..
Home of Lafarge Lake and some great photo opportunities!!

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