Saturday, November 7, 2009

just another rainy saturday!!

Today was a cloudy day with some rain..we are getting use to having rainy weekends..we had no real plans once agan this weekend..I wanted to travel south to Birch Bay and the Stormtech Factory Warehouse at Exit #266/Grandview..but Doug was searching on the internet and found that there was one on Boundary Road in Vancouver..not far from our off we went this morning..Tucker in the back seat..a shopping we were gonna do!!!

We managed to get some great deals..a new coat, three shirts and a fleece vest  all for $94..a $400 value..we will definitely be back to this store..great quality and  selection..

After our shoppping was done we stopped in at Coquitlam drop off the condo insurance papers and wander through the mall..then it was home to our bowl of tomato soup and egg was lunch and dinner combined..LUNNER..since it was after three o'clock when we finally was the food that gave me the motivation to move some things around and get was moved and placed in new arrangement..all Doug had to say about the whole thing is that he knows once we have wheels under our home and I feel the need to move things around..he will have to move the trailer to change the scenery...all in good fun!!!

Tommorrow our plan is to go to Mundy Park so Tucker can have a run with his "girlfriend Emmie"..and then we will be heading out to FREEWAY to finish off the winterizing..hard to believe that a year ago tommorrow I was on a plane heading to Puerto Vallarta..for a girl's week of fun in the sun..and what fun we had....sun, sand, the pool and the "mango vallartas"..maybe next year???

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