Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13th..FRIDAY!!..the long and the short of it!!

As another work week comes to an end..this was a short one..two days for me!..thursday and friday..I was off the rest of the week..what a treat that was!!

I spent my two vacation days doing housework, laundry and the usual house duties..I did trip over the vacumm cleaner cord and land flat on my face.{it was the root and wheelchair issue all over again}...good thing no one was home to see that performance..just the beloved Tucker!!..he came  to my least he did not have to call 911..

My  second day off was a lunch date with my daughter and sister..I ventured into the big city of Vancouver..,taking the bus, skytrain and another bus to get to Broadway and Hemlock..we had a delicious lunch at Boston Pizza..great to catch up with my sister..have not seen her since May??..Carlie of course, I see every day!!

And as today is Friday the 13th..we are glad to be home safe and sound with  no major catastrophies to mention..thank goodness

No big plans this weekend..maybe a new fridge purchase tommorrow..I am getting tired of cleaning up pools of water in the bottom of the one we have now.. and items at the back of the fridge are frozen and they shouldn't be! is the orginal fridge so it is 14 years old..maybe that is not old for a fridge??.we have a freezer that is 30 years old..but that does not give me any it can stay for a bit longer!!

In closing..I have come to the conclusion that I am not meant to have a head of long flowing hair.. for the last few  weeks I had more bad hairs days than good ones.. I headed off to the hair salon last Friday  and now have my short hair back again..yippee...I was the lucky receipient of lots of compliments so I know I made the correct decision..short cut for me from now!!! more pathetic is freeing to have short hair again..and to quote a fellow blogger.."a good hair day is priceless" I know now I will be one of those fulltiming women who are always looking for a  good hair salon out on the road!!

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