Saturday, November 21, 2009

Second annual cross border shopping trip!!

This morning we embarked on our second annual cross border shopping trip..Carlie, Robbie and me...We headed out early this morning towards Mission, to meet up with Robbie..We all piled into her car and headed south towards the Sumas border crossing.
After crossing the border we were heading towards the Seattle Premium Outlet Mall at the Tulalip Casino..our first stop was the Walmart and then it was time for the OutletMall..we had some success and found a few items that we loaded in the back of the car..Lunch time now the casino..three for the buffet!! was delicious..time for the penny slots..Carlie loaded in $12..Robbie $20 and me, $10..the big winner was Carlie..$82..Robbie $32 and me??..LOSER!!..darn it!!!

We cashed in the big winnings and then headed north on the stop the Burlington Outlet pair of boots and a scarf and we were off to Bellis Fair Mall..a few more purchases and it was time to head on back to Canada..all in all a successful day..spent some, won some and lost some....a great time was had by all!!

Back at home..Doug was waiting for the delivery of our new side by side fridge..will it fit or won't it???..yes it is a tight fit but it fits!!..yeah..!!! we can get rid of our old fridge and the 30 year old freezer!!!..and fill the new one!!!

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