Saturday, November 28, 2009

Silence is golden!!

Yet another wet and rainy weekend here in Coquitlam..our work week is done and Friday night was spent doing housework and laundry.  Today was a quiet day at home..Carlie was off to a baby shower and a girls sleepover..Doug and I spent the day relaxing at home..watching the rain come down and taking turns taking Tucker outside for his bathroom breaks..We watched T.V....our usual saturday shows this morning..and tonight the T.V is switching back and forth between the hockey game and Lockup...nothing to much to report otherwise..just nice to be at home and inside..we are thankful to have a roof over our heads and food in the fridge..everything else will fall into place..we are getting use the the day at a time and we will go from there...

I have made four loaves of cranberry nut bread and five loaves of pumpkin bread this weekend we will be thinking of blowing the dust off the Christmas decorations??..maybe??..the flood repairs are not done as we will have to see if they call this week??

Tommorrow?..we are off to Mundy Park, grocery shopping and a visit to FREEWAY to check and make sure all is well out there!!..then it will be time to get organized for another week..our life is so exciting at the moment..we are living vicariously through our fulltiming RV friends ..sun and sand for them!!..rain and puddles for us!!!

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