Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday, Sunday Sunday!!!

Another weekend is now they ever go fast!!
We were up early this morning and off to our usual walking the rain and the mud.. but fun was had by the four legged friends..then it was off to IHOP for our Sunday breakfast.
This afternoon we went out to the storage lot and finished winterizing FREEWAY..the job is finally complete..three weekends in the making but we finally got it all done. 

Then it was off to the town of Langley and the PetSmart Store..Tucker needs some new toys..he has destroyed everything in his path..even the toss cushions from the couch..stuffing everywhere..he had a great time, even though I am sure that Oliver, the cat was probably sitting watching him..thinking.."YOU  IDIOT.. you are gonna be in big trouble when Mom and Dad get home!"

We also stopped in at the Sears Home store, we are in need of a new fridge and the choices are maker, bottom freezer, top freezer, side by side??..{we don't have room for a really large there will be no ice falling in the middle of the night at this house!} decisions were made..we needed to come home and measure again to make sure on the size..the only thing we have decided on is that it has to be go with all the other decision more to go!!

As the sun sets on yet another weekend...the only good thing about this weekend is that  I still have three more days off..the stress level is non-existant  for me this evening ..unlike all the other weekends when sunday evening is upon us....only one lunch to make..and the ironing and laundry can wait till tommorrow.. a few days at home, just me and the cushion ripping dog and the perfect cat!!..have a good week everyone!!!

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