Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day 2009...the silence is deafening!!

After my post from dear husband was quite offended that I failed to mention the lovely breakfast that he prepared for us on Christmas Morning....on the menu was Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce, fried potatoes and orange juice..not exactly a cholesterol or calorie free breakfast but afterall it is Christmas!! calorie counting today!!

Our Boxing Day was a  quiet day..sunny but frosty and cold today..I only ventured outside a couple of times today..taking Tucker out for his bathroom breaks..Doug was the lucky one to take him to the park to play with his doggie friends and chase the ball...We spent the day cleaning up and doing laundry..getting the remmants of dinner cleaned up...and helping Carlie get her bedroom and bathroom organized..the girl is a rebel when it comes to keeping her 9x9 cell ( as she calls it-we call it the 'bat cave')..clean and is a  pretty difficult task to do since it is so small and she seems to accumulate a ton of stuff!!

This evening we had hot turkey sandwiches for is great to have good perk for all the hard work yesterday..and then we played a few games of Mexican Train..not too sure if we are playing it correctly..the directions are a bit hard to understand so if anyone out there can explain in layman's terms we would greatly appreciate it!!

Our family dynamics issue is still unresolved....we were missing some members of our family for Christmas dinner..they chose to stay at home and not partake in the festivities..maybe by next year these issues will be resolved and the apologies will be made and we can all move forward...the lessons  learned from all of this..??..respect your elders...greet the hosts...say hello to everyone when you arrive even if the conversations are flowing....but most importantly if you have been called out because of your behavior..don't be making excuses and placing the blame on someone else, sometimes it takes a good long look in the mirror....a  sincere apology goes a long is can pick your friends..but you can't pick your family is perfect but they are all we make the most of it...the words were spoken and can't be taken back..learn the lessons and grow from it....

Happy Boxing Day everyone..bring on 2010..let's just slam the door on 2009 and move onward!!

p.s ..This  Boxing Day blog will be the last time I will vent about our family other options are to send an email ??..decided against they read this blog?..don't know for sure??.thought I would vent here instead....a phone call.??..would have been the next option but they have call display so I doubt they would answer when our phone number came on that happy note..say adios to family disagreements..stay tuned ..the next time I talk about this situation will be when we are the perfect family once again..or when "pigs fly".. :)


  1. I hope your family situation works out well. Take it from me, your family is important. All of our parents are gone now and they really left a void, although we wouldn't have thought so when they were annoying us. We were all on good terms, but really, we could have been even better. Time is short...make the most of every opportunity before they are gone for good.

    Happy New Year to you.

  2. Don't know what the situation is but I will say a prayer that things can be resolved quickly for all involved. No family is perfect so be patient.

    Take care and a very Happy New Year....may it be the best yet.

  3. My family issues have not been worked out and I doubt they ever will be...I say "Their loss"...the ones in the "wrong" will sadly, always place blame elsewhere.

    We love ya!!!


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