Tuesday, December 15, 2009


After many days of wondering..should I or shouldn't I ..I did it...hit the deactivate button on my facebook account....what a relief..the world did not stop turning and  I did not get sucked into a big black hole..it's a miracle!!!..I may be back in 2010..but then again maybe not....if you are at all interested in what we are up to..just check the blog..this is where we will be!!!..say no to CRACKBOOK!!

Have a great day everyone..time to make dinner!!


  1. When I deleted mine, I discovered that there is a life out there..hahaha..I sure don't miss the drama!!!

  2. Interesting. I have an account, I just don't publish it, I don't really accept friends and I don't play games on it. Its a tool for a few things i need to get done. I had an account a few months ago, and got started looking for friends etc, but didn't like the lack of control as to who says what, so I deactivated until just recently. I like the blogs much better (I actually maintain 4 seperate blogs, 1 that you see, 1 for a running group I teach, 1 for my company and 1 for myself).

  3. I, too, have a FB page (wall or whatever they call it). I only check it about once a week. Mostly, it is boring and the blogs are much more interesting.


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