Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A fluffy day??

Yesterday when we got home from work, Tucker of course was very happy to see us..toy in his mouth doing his happy dance..dont know if he actually happy to see us or has to go to the bathroom..anyway..he has been having the full run of the house since we got back from vacation in September..where is this going you ask??

Well.. I use to have five ..yes five toss cushions..two for the couch and two for love seat and one for the big chair..we are now down to two!!..fluff everywhere!!..bad poochie once again!!!..does he have toys..yes!!..but he seems to have thing about stuffies..he has ruined every soft toy he has ever had..he even took the nose off of the 'golden retriever dog' we have had since 1995..no more soft toys for this 'savage'..although we were thinking they make those ones with no stuffing..the long, flat ones.. ..maybe we could give that a try??..I really think it is the cat that he would like to unstuff but can't so the next best thing is the anything he can sink his bright white teeth into!!

On a weather note..for the month of November..if you have been reading along you know I have mentioned numerous times as to the fact that we are being deluged with rain..well I am happy to report that our forecast for the next five days is clear and cold..and no rain!!!..YIPPEE!!..there was this bright light in the sky today and we were all wondering what it was?????????..we will take it while we can....

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