Monday, December 14, 2009

holiday decorating!!

Our home is all decked out for the holidays..the garlands are done..the tree is up..wreath is on the door and the lights are on the balcony railing..four bins later and two days worth of work ..and the house is done!!

Doug has now informed me that once we go full-timing I will only be allowed one bin of Christmas "Crap" he lovingly  calls am I suppose to decide what to keep and what to give away??..this will be a hard one when it comes time to purge..well at least I  have 2010...2011..2012 and 2013 to decide..???


  1. Everything in your home is just so beautiful. I love how colorful and festive everything looks. I always decorated our home and it took several days to get the task completed. This year it took me only about 30 minutes. It is different but everything looks nice and Christmasy.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Christmas decorations.

  2. only 4 bins of xmas crap... mus be nice... We do 4 bins a day for 4 days it feels like... LOL

  3. Wow...only 4 bins...I'm embarassed to tell you how many I have!
    Your place looks beautiful as always!!


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