Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

more to come later..turkey is almost ready..and company will be arrving shortly!! I write this our Christmas Day is a now a memory..the presents are all unwrapped..dinner is Dad has taught me well!!..thanks for that..We greatly appreciate all the years that you and Mom have cooked Christmas was a bit of work but it was all great!!..everything was delicious..a great success!..I have made my mentor proud!! at least I hope I have?? Carlie wants to learn how to cook a turkey and all the trimmings..we can pass the turkey roaster on to her!..I wonder if she really knows what she is in for??

Merry Christmas to all  our readers..may your holiday be a happy one..spent with great friends and family and filled with many special memories!!

our dinner table looking mighty fine!!

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Aww nuts…

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