Sunday, December 27, 2009

One year ago today!!!..what a difference in 365 days??

It was one year ago today that our lives changed forever..a little golden ball of fluff came home to live with us via Chilliwack..what were we thinking????..those first few days are but a distant memory. we have now come a long forward one year and we now have a very large golden retriever who weighs about 75 pounds..a very large boy who has won a place in our hearts!!..our golden boy..who loves everyone he meets...riding in the truck..going camping and chasing a ball and poor Oliver!..

Our day was spent driving out to the outskirts of Chilliwack..Doug got a GPS for the truck from Carlie and myself for we thought we would run it through the paces and see how it works..Doug use to call me his SUE-SUE..supposedly I was a good navigator..but apparently not as good as LOLA!!..she proved herself today..sort of..not that we did not know where we were going..we will see when we really need her how she performs!!

After our return from our little road trip..Tucker and Doug went to the park and I went over to the lake to take a few pictures..last year at this time..everything was white ..this is just white stuff??

this was the view last year..
this was the view today

last year..??

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  1. Well... Tucker's baby picture sure is cute!! I can't remember when Cody was that small. He is such a good boy and just loves to please...don't most Goldens?? Tucker and Cody are absolutely "golden boys" for sure.

    Things look pretty cold(brrrrr) in your pictures. I have gotten to where I really hate to be cold, LOL. I do like the snow pics though.

    We bought a handheld GPS for geocaching but haven't gotten one for just travel. Let me know how you like it. We probably need to purchase one.

    Take care and stay warm!!


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