Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year from Coquitlam, B.C.!!!

Happy New Year to our family, friends and blog-readers!!..may 2010 be filled with many new adventures and safe travels to all of you!!! is to health and happiness for everyone!!!

We are home from our dinner out with Steve and Melanie..the restaurant was very busy..thank goodness that Steve got there at just after 4 p.m...we arrived at 5 p.m...walking from our house in the rain..just a short little walk of ten minutes!!!..dinner was great..and we are back home again..assuming our usual positions..Doug in front of the TV  with Tucker lying on the floor and Oliver asleep in his cat tree!!..just another night at our house..the Christmas "crap" is still up..darn it!!...tommorrow it will all be put away and we can get on with a new year..filled with new beginnings..

Cheers to everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to work again :(

This will be a short work week for me...only three days of trudging off to work while Doug gets to lay in bed and pull the covers over his head and wait until the sun comes up!!..lucky him!!!..maybe tommorrow I can coerce him into helping me take down all the Christmas "crap"..and we can start 2010 in a normal house??..not that our house will ever be normal but a girl can dream can't she??

Sunday, December 27, 2009

One year ago today!!!..what a difference in 365 days??

It was one year ago today that our lives changed forever..a little golden ball of fluff came home to live with us via Chilliwack..what were we thinking????..those first few days are but a distant memory. we have now come a long forward one year and we now have a very large golden retriever who weighs about 75 pounds..a very large boy who has won a place in our hearts!!..our golden boy..who loves everyone he meets...riding in the truck..going camping and chasing a ball and poor Oliver!..

Our day was spent driving out to the outskirts of Chilliwack..Doug got a GPS for the truck from Carlie and myself for we thought we would run it through the paces and see how it works..Doug use to call me his SUE-SUE..supposedly I was a good navigator..but apparently not as good as LOLA!!..she proved herself today..sort of..not that we did not know where we were going..we will see when we really need her how she performs!!

After our return from our little road trip..Tucker and Doug went to the park and I went over to the lake to take a few pictures..last year at this time..everything was white ..this is just white stuff??

this was the view last year..
this was the view today

last year..??

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day 2009...the silence is deafening!!

After my post from dear husband was quite offended that I failed to mention the lovely breakfast that he prepared for us on Christmas Morning....on the menu was Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce, fried potatoes and orange juice..not exactly a cholesterol or calorie free breakfast but afterall it is Christmas!! calorie counting today!!

Our Boxing Day was a  quiet day..sunny but frosty and cold today..I only ventured outside a couple of times today..taking Tucker out for his bathroom breaks..Doug was the lucky one to take him to the park to play with his doggie friends and chase the ball...We spent the day cleaning up and doing laundry..getting the remmants of dinner cleaned up...and helping Carlie get her bedroom and bathroom organized..the girl is a rebel when it comes to keeping her 9x9 cell ( as she calls it-we call it the 'bat cave')..clean and is a  pretty difficult task to do since it is so small and she seems to accumulate a ton of stuff!!

This evening we had hot turkey sandwiches for is great to have good perk for all the hard work yesterday..and then we played a few games of Mexican Train..not too sure if we are playing it correctly..the directions are a bit hard to understand so if anyone out there can explain in layman's terms we would greatly appreciate it!!

Our family dynamics issue is still unresolved....we were missing some members of our family for Christmas dinner..they chose to stay at home and not partake in the festivities..maybe by next year these issues will be resolved and the apologies will be made and we can all move forward...the lessons  learned from all of this..??..respect your elders...greet the hosts...say hello to everyone when you arrive even if the conversations are flowing....but most importantly if you have been called out because of your behavior..don't be making excuses and placing the blame on someone else, sometimes it takes a good long look in the mirror....a  sincere apology goes a long is can pick your friends..but you can't pick your family is perfect but they are all we make the most of it...the words were spoken and can't be taken back..learn the lessons and grow from it....

Happy Boxing Day everyone..bring on 2010..let's just slam the door on 2009 and move onward!!

p.s ..This  Boxing Day blog will be the last time I will vent about our family other options are to send an email ??..decided against they read this blog?..don't know for sure??.thought I would vent here instead....a phone call.??..would have been the next option but they have call display so I doubt they would answer when our phone number came on that happy note..say adios to family disagreements..stay tuned ..the next time I talk about this situation will be when we are the perfect family once again..or when "pigs fly".. :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

more to come later..turkey is almost ready..and company will be arrving shortly!! I write this our Christmas Day is a now a memory..the presents are all unwrapped..dinner is Dad has taught me well!!..thanks for that..We greatly appreciate all the years that you and Mom have cooked Christmas was a bit of work but it was all great!!..everything was delicious..a great success!..I have made my mentor proud!! at least I hope I have?? Carlie wants to learn how to cook a turkey and all the trimmings..we can pass the turkey roaster on to her!..I wonder if she really knows what she is in for??

Merry Christmas to all  our readers..may your holiday be a happy one..spent with great friends and family and filled with many special memories!!

our dinner table looking mighty fine!!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Well here it is only a few days left until I ready?..sort of..the present shopping is done..the turkey is thawing in the fridge.I still need to get a few more groceries...the presents still need wrapping and I am still waiting to hear about one other gift that is yet to be completed..

Our weekend was spent doing the usual, cleaning, shopping..I did manage to clean up four closets on Sunday afternoon though..a little re-organizing does wonders for the 'control-freak in me'.

This Christmas has not been an easy one to get excited just seems to be stressful dynamics and such have not made it too pleasant..we only have to hope for the best..and move on from there..dont know if it is going to be a perfect Hallmark Christmas but we will make the most of it!!

We will learn from our mistakes and hope others will too..sometimes it may just be better to 'bite your tongue' and deal with other's behaviours..but you know sometimes you just have to say something even if it is going to hurt someone's feelings....learn from the criticism...improve the behaviour and all would be right with the world.!!  But it seems that stubborness runs in the family so we will just leave things as they are..and can hope that next year things will be different...

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Christmas Eve is now one week away!! I done shopping? NOPE..I thought I would be smart and do some of the major purchases on-line..well one package arrived with five items in it..and two of them were we had to head out to the actual store and see if we could exchange these two items..we got one new one and the other will be shipped in 5-10 business days..:(   My other two on-line purchases? is ready and I am still waiting to hear on the other one..should be ready next week!! about last minute. I still have a few other items to I will head to the Coquitlam Center on Saturday morning..walking not driving..the parking lot will probably be so full that I would be parking almost at home anyway!!

Bring it on..ready or not..not much we can do about it!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


After many days of wondering..should I or shouldn't I ..I did it...hit the deactivate button on my facebook account....what a relief..the world did not stop turning and  I did not get sucked into a big black's a miracle!!!..I may be back in 2010..but then again maybe not....if you are at all interested in what we are up to..just check the blog..this is where we will be!!!..say no to CRACKBOOK!!

Have a great day everyone..time to make dinner!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

holiday decorating!!

Our home is all decked out for the holidays..the garlands are done..the tree is up..wreath is on the door and the lights are on the balcony railing..four bins later and two days worth of work ..and the house is done!!

Doug has now informed me that once we go full-timing I will only be allowed one bin of Christmas "Crap" he lovingly  calls am I suppose to decide what to keep and what to give away??..this will be a hard one when it comes time to purge..well at least I  have 2010...2011..2012 and 2013 to decide..???

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our day began not too early this morning..I slept till 10 am which is the latest I have slept in  a long time..must have needed those extra few hours..anyhoo..our day was filled with laundry, housework and blowing the dust of the Christmas decorations..the garlands are all done, wreath on the door and the tree is up..all that is left is the lights on the balcony railing outside..that will be done tommorrow..we need to get an extension cord from FREEWAY tommorrow to complete that task..

This evening we met our friends, Steve and Melanie for a pasta dinner at Anducci's..about a 20 minute drive from our house and theirs in North about in the middle for both of us..we had a great time catching up with these dear friends..last time we saw them was at the Olive Garden in September..we seem to be able to pick up where we left off and the conversation just is like no time has past..  We had salad, pasta and wine..a fine evening was had by all!!!..we plan to meet again on New Year's Eve for an early dinner...more to look forward too!!!

Tommorrow our day will be spent getting groceries and our usual Sunday activities...and then on to another week of working..the weather here is still hovering at the freezing white stuff fallling from the sky as yet..but it is in forecast for the next couple of days so we will just have to see if it actually comes to be ??

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tucker and Santa Paws!!

Here is the photo of Tucker and Santa Paws taken last Saturday..he was not impressed with this first encounter with the man in the red suit..reminded us of Carlie when she was little and her first two visits to Santa..maybe next year he will behave better???

Sunday, December 6, 2009

a dog day of winter??

Today was the one year anniversary of when our lives changed for the  "four-legged " better..On December 6th, 2008 we drove east to Chilliwack to pick out our new golden retriever  puppy.. a little bundle of golden fluff with four little paws ....we named him "Tucker" on this day..he was so tired..all 'tuckered out'

Our focus is now on dog kennels, leashes, collars dog food and puppy pads..what were we thinking??

fast forward one year and that brings us to today..our dog day of winter..the temperature was in the -2 celcius range..a run in Munday Park with his 'girfriend' Emme..a dip in an icy puddle..a frozen tail ..silly boy...

Our afternoon was spent at Costco and the Stormtech Factory Outlet..Doug needed a warmer winter coat..rather than dressing in layers..we then went to Uptown Dog in Port Mooody for a picture with Santa Paws..Tucker was not too impressed with his first meeting with Santa..  Uptown Dog is a doggy daycare center and they had a Christmas party for all the poochies..door prizes and goodies ..sensory overload for our boy...then it was off to the Doggy Park to chase the ball and a walk around Rocky Point Park

Our next stop on this busy Sunday was the "Light the Lake" celebration at Lafarge Lake..two hot drinks and quick stroll around the lake and we were done for the day..done with the gloves and toques..a clear, windy day but very brisk...glad to be indoors beside the fireplace watching our favourite Sunday night shows...

P.S..a very happy birthday to my Mom..hope you had a great day!!..We love you...!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A fluffy day??

Yesterday when we got home from work, Tucker of course was very happy to see us..toy in his mouth doing his happy dance..dont know if he actually happy to see us or has to go to the bathroom..anyway..he has been having the full run of the house since we got back from vacation in September..where is this going you ask??

Well.. I use to have five ..yes five toss cushions..two for the couch and two for love seat and one for the big chair..we are now down to two!!..fluff everywhere!!..bad poochie once again!!!..does he have toys..yes!!..but he seems to have thing about stuffies..he has ruined every soft toy he has ever had..he even took the nose off of the 'golden retriever dog' we have had since more soft toys for this 'savage'..although we were thinking they make those ones with no stuffing..the long, flat ones.. ..maybe we could give that a try??..I really think it is the cat that he would like to unstuff but can't so the next best thing is the anything he can sink his bright white teeth into!!

On a weather note..for the month of November..if you have been reading along you know I have mentioned numerous times as to the fact that we are being deluged with rain..well I am happy to report that our forecast for the next five days is clear and cold..and no rain!!!..YIPPEE!!..there was this bright light in the sky today and we were all wondering what it was?????????..we will take it while we can....

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