Monday, January 11, 2010

A "fitfull' weekend!!

This was not one of our better was productive once again but it was full of "fits"..

Carlie and I went out to her storage locker to organize her belongings..and I brought home a few things.."fit number one"..Doug was busy with his new favourite tool..the "shark steamer"..he was cleaning and re-caulking the the deck railing of the "green"mess that accumulates over the winter..Needless to say he was none to pleased that I brought home more "crap'..never mind the fact that it is our "crap" that we had just shoved into her locker and thought we would deal with it later..Later has now arrived!!

After fit number one..we both decided to clean out a few more cupboards..him in the in the kitchen..we are very productive when there is "silence" number two is on the way...We went down to our storage locker in the basement..water is seeping through the foundation!!..and two boxes of extra laminate flooring is now wet and moldy!!..dammit!!..six year old laminate that is no longer available!!..geez!!!!

This weekend is not getting any better as the next chore is to repair the leaky kitchen drain.."Silicone" is our friend..not the  pipe wrench though..Doug pinched his hand with the number three!!..and its only Saturday!!

Sunday was a much better day....the usual walk in Mundy Park..and groceries and errands rounded out our day...Doug put in a new light in the hallway of our bedroom..much nicer than the ugly one that had been there since we moved here in fit here!!..changed a few other light bulbs..much brighter now! ..we were wondering why we did not do this before!!..Sunday was a "fit free" day..thank goodness!!..Saturday was bad enough...we will chalk this weekend up to experience and hope that the next one will be better!!

We did get some good news  though..the flood repairs are going to get started next friday!! has only taken three months?...we can only hope that they will actually show up!!!

p.s.  Tucker went to "doggy daycare" on saturday for a few hours...loved it!!!..four hours for $ at least we know he can go there for a couple of days when the repairs are being done!!!

Happy Monday Everyone..onward to the work week!!!


  1. Yoiks!!! Sounds like weekends we have on a regular basis...fits that is!! I have cleaned and purged kitchen cupboards so much more to do though as I have wayyy more "crap" then you guys!! ;-)

  2. Oh sounds so familiar. We saved way to much "crap" in our storage building. Now, as I sit here knowing how much I love this lifestyle I wish that building were empty. I don't want the majority of it any longer. NOW it is harder to get rid of. Who ever heard of a storage building sale? I kept many things "just in case" we decided to come off the road in the next year or so. Not going to happen. Love this!!
    Oh well, good luck with your purging and perhaps next weekend will be better.
    The doggy day care sounds like a terrific idea. I bet Cody would love to go out and play with friends. LOL. Wish we had something like that.
    Hope you all have a great week!


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