Thursday, January 21, 2010


As the repairs are being done..our levels of frustation are on the rise..

On  the top of our list is the fact that we are having to "foot the bill" for Tucker's Doggy Daycare...we have tried to contact the managment company and the strata council and have hit a dead end on both counts..they say it is our problem..never mind the fact that the flood damage was caused by our neighbour again!!..arrgghhhh!!!..our next step was going to be in contact with the insurance agent handling the repairs but we discovered today that the strata council is handling the repairs and will be "going after" the insurance company once our condo is all fixed...yet another dead end..the small minded people on our council  have not grasped the concept that this whole mess was not caused by us and we should compensated for our "out of pocket expenses"...Tucker is fine to stay at home when we are at work with no issues...but have strange men coming and going and we are going to have some problems..hence the need for daycare!!

Issue #2..we came home today and noticed that they had painted the ceiling the hallway..stopped at the kitchen entrance..looks great except for the fact that there is a line across and you can see the difference between the old and new!!..we called the contractor and he told us that they were told to only paint part of the ceiling..!!..this is not good enough..I was told that if we did not like the way it looked they would paint the whole ceiling..once again we were told the contractor  would have to contact the strata to have them "okay" the rest of the ceiling to be painted!!..since they were funding the job!!..darn it..will this frustation ever end..

Issue #3...I was heading out the door this evening and looked up in the corner by the front door and noticed a shadow on the wall..two shadows seems that the wall has been painted in two places and yes you guessed it.."the paint does not match"..we can only hope that this is just a test area and they have taken the paint back to be adjusted...our "designer paint colours" are five years we can only hope that all new painting will match otherwise we are going to be painting all the walls..

 The reality of all of this frustation is that we know eventually all will be right in our world...but it is just the wating and wondering how much more work this is going to create for us!!


  1. Yes, I'm sure when it is all finally finished you will put all of the frustration behind you and enjoy life again! And more doggy daycare. :)

  2. Ain't life grand at times! 2014 is just around the corner!!!

  3. Sounds frustrating all right, I can't believe they wouldn't just paint the whole thing. It's going to cost the strata more with all this stalling and fooling around!

  4. So sorry for all the frustration you guys are going through. I agree with will only cost them more in the end. Go figure!!

    This too shall pass!! Hang in there!!

    Give Tucker a hug and one day he too shall be free from doggie daycare.


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