Saturday, January 23, 2010

Frustration is diminishing...

Our frustration level has diminished compared to the last post..the painting has begun..the unmatched paint colour??..was some shadows from the new light bulbs..dummies!!..the work should be done for the flood repair by Tuesday..we are still going to see if we can get some results from the insurance company that is covering the repairs for the doggy daycare bills..we are not holding our breath on that one!!

Our "to do"  list is still long but we crossed a couple things off today...the front entrance tile has new grout and we got three closets tidied up and the dresser drawers are done now...

Carlie went to visit her grandparents on Friday night and gave them the news that I could not mention until now...yes..our daughter is leaving the nest..or rather her 9x9 prison cell...she is moving on February 6th..this will be the second  and last time she leaves here ( we have plans for her room)...our family joke was that the count down for the Olympics was her countdown for moving out also..she is beating it by 6 days!!..We are happy for her and happy for us..time for her to spread her wings!!..and time for us to get some things organized!!  960 square feet is not big enough for 3 adults..a big dog and a cat..we will miss her but we won't miss her "stuff"...

We went out for an early dinner tonight..The Keg ..once was a "late birthday and an early leaving home dinner" all rolled into one...great food and a quiet restaurant...we were home just after 5 pm and then we went off to get some groceries..good to go food shopping when you are full from dinner!!!

Happy Saturday night everyone!!


  1. Enjoy your "empty nest" for a while. Be careful, though.....they come back!!!!

  2. Glad things are coming together for you all on the renovation. It sure helps the frustration level doesn't it? :)

    Congratulations on the "empty nest." The time comes when it is time. Our son will be 25 in May so we totally understand.


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