Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day 2010

The first day of 2010 was a rainy one!!..we spent the entire day putting away the "christmas crap' it down to three bins from four!!..and cleaning and purging!! was a very productive day!!..

Last week Doug had purchased a "shark steam cleaner"..we paid over $160  for this new appliance and I was  a bit skeptical when he brought it home..thinking "that is a lot of $$$"..this darn thing better work!!..well needless to say it did not disappoint!!..we cleaned the tiles in the front entrance, main bathroom and  ensuite bathroom....what a difference!!..Doug also cleaned the ensuite shower, a couple of the window screens, the portable fans, and the hood fan on the stove.  It lived up to the $$$ !!!..the house is on it's way to being very clean and organized!!!..a little side note also is that he purchased this steamer at Canadian Tire and last night he was looking through the sales flyers and low and behold it is on sale starting tommorrow for $89.99..we are heading there in the morning to get our refund!!!

Cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes appliances, countertops, bathrooms, tiles, mirrors and more without harsh turns ordinary tap water into a powerful household cleanser..this is worth the money even if you have to pay full price!!

Onward to having a clean house..we can hardly wait to clean again and find many more uses for this great new purchase!!

P.S..sorry I did not take any before or after pictures of the tiles will have to trust me that this steamer works very well..!! :)

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  1. That's one Shark you don't mind having around. Seems like quite a hard worker!


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