Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...the repairs are done..but the work continues..

Our flood repairs are finally fixed..Tucker is done with Doggy Daycare..his new friends will miss him..but he will go back one day soon just to play....

The work continues here though..we still have more painting, grouting, cleaning and organizing to do...the "to do" list keeps getting rewritten but seems to be getting longer everyday..one day soon we will be able to sit back, relax with a glass of wine and enjoy all our hard work..!!..

This weekend...the animals are off to Newton Animal Hospital for their checkups...that should be a fun trip in the truck with both of them..it has been a while since Oliver has been in his crate!!..should be  yowling good time..glad I am staying home and waiting for the blinds to be installed and the carpet cleaner to come and give us an estimate..just another fun weekend at our house..

Carlie gets the key to her new place on Sunday..yippee for her..then the work begins..getting her room emptied, and the closets that she has been occupying..then off to the storage locker  in Maple Ridge to start emptying that..should be a fun but busy week!!

I would give anything for a quiet walk on the beach down at Birch Bay..maybe next month???


  1. No worries! We'll take care of that walk on the beach for you today as you take care of things on the home front.

    Don't work too hard!

  2. Sounds like a plan is coming together!! Good for you all.

    I still have our storage locker to empty out or at least reduce the amount of stuff in it. Wish I had gotten that done before we left. Oh well...one step at a time.

    It won't be long and you'll be taking that walk on the beach anytime you choose!! :)

  3. We'll save a spot on the beach down here in Pismo Beach...hurry up and join us!

    Take care! Don't work too hard.


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