Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seven weeks without FACEBOOK makes one WEAK!!

Okay, I will admit I have reactivated my facebook account..I missed my facebook friends..the ones that are still there and the ones that aren't there anymore..I am weak!!!..sure a few of them have journals or blogs but facebook is a more "up to date instant status kind of thing!!"..I have promised myself that I will not get sucked into the "blackhole" of farmville and checking status updates constantly!!..so if you are reading this and disappointed in me ..so be it..I have admitted that I am weak....my status's will not be updated constantly..if you really want to know what we are doing ..read the blog..the truth is here!!!

Now on to bigger and better things..my health issues from last week have  not reared it's ugly head again..so all is well..blood pressure and heart rate are good..it may never happen again  but it could happen tommorrow..No one knows for sure...

Our condo flood damage is being fixed this week..FINALLY...Tucker has been going to Doggy Daycare on the days that the workmen are here..he seems to love it..he is a tired boy at the end of the day..so all is well in his world...the walls and ceilings are on their way to being painted at the end of the week...there are spots of drywall mud everywhere but eventually it will all be fixed...

We have been busy this past week..painting window sills, door trim and touching up the walls....Doug redid the grout in the ensuite bathroom..now of course he wants to do the front entrance and the main bathroom...we figured since they are painting some of the walls we may as well spruce the place up.....the "to do list " is still quite large but we will get through it...we need a deadline to make things get done quicker!!..Camping Season is almost here so that is a good deadline!!...we are booked for the Easter Long Weekend in Fort Langley..yippee!!!!

Well ..better go...laundry awaits...that and a quick check on Facebook...lol..just kidding...till next time...


  1. So glad your health issues have been resolved and our prayer is that it NEVER happens again.

    Sounds like you guys are staying pretty busy with all the sprucing up. You MUST finish by camping season, LOL.

    The facebook thing can get in your blood. I understand....stay strong!! LOL

  2. Glad to read that your health issues are improving! I try to avoid looking at Facebook...but it seems to draw me in. I do prefer the blogs, though.


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