Sunday, January 3, 2010

There is snow on them there hills!!??

There is snow on the mountains and what does the Bidniak family do??..we of course go the the beach!!.. a walk along the beach and a swim for our 'golden boy' rounded out our him crazy but he does not care if it is January or July..water is water...cold or not!!!

We drove out to West Vancouver and took a stroll at Ambleside Park..just west of the Lion's Gate Bridge and across the First Narrows from our beloved Stanley Park...

Aren't you cold Tucker???..just call him "CRAZY"..and throw the ball again...PLEEEEZZZEEE!!

As another weekend is done..the first of is to many more days like snow..just a jacket to keep us warm and a walk on the beach..a perfect day!!..a tired dog is a happy dog!!!


  1. Beautiful photos from your beautiful day. Stanley Park is a great place, we agree. Please....somebody get that dog a blanket!! :)

  2. Beautiful photos as always..I haven't been to Ambleside in years...I need to start dragging Bob out further then Abbotsford!!

  3. What a precious picture of Tucker sleeping with his "baby." It made me cold to just look at those dogs in the water,brrrrr!

    Great pics of the area...very beautiful.

    May all your days be wonderful!


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