Saturday, February 20, 2010

Embracing the Olympic Spirit !!

A few pictures seems to be worth a thousand words..a good day to "embrace the olympic spirit"..and "rub elbows" with our fellow tourists..and experience a few "people jams"..all in all a great day ..a picture perfect postcard day in Vancouver...

We rode transit into town..stopping first at Science World/Russia House and the hundreds of the Innukshuks built on the edge of False Creek/Concord Pacific Plaza..our next stop was the Olympic Superstore..we stood in line for over an hour and came out without making any purchases..our next stop was Robson Street..a mass of people..a sea of red and white and Canadian Flags...last and final stop of the day was the Olympic Cauldron on the shore of Coal Harbour...

On our train on the way home we met torchbearer #50 on day 102..she let Doug have his picture taken with her torch...a perfect end to a great day..Doug survived his first ride on public transit in 22 years and we can say we "embraced the Olympic spirit"..tommorrow?? will be Hockey Day!!!..Canada versus the United States!

Go Canada Go!!

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  1. Great pics! I would say you caught the Olympic spirit very well. Love the pic of Doug with the torch! :)


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