Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Empty Nest !!

Carlie returned home in January 2008 after being gone for ten months..we had wasted no time in turning her room into a computer room/scrapbooking/tv room..this room was short lived until NOW!!..she stayed with us for over two years..it was trying at times for everyone but our "bird" has now left the nest!!

The family joke was that the Olympic countdown was her countdown to moving out..well she beat the Olympic countdown by seven days..a one bedroom apartment on the seventh floor... about a ten minute walk from here is now her new home!!..her furniture  is out of storage and all set up in her new home..a cute little apartment to call home!!

This past weekend was moving day..a very busy weekend for all of us..her moving out...us?..getting carpets cleaned..organizing..painting her old room ( which once again is the computer room)..we have now completed all our painting and organizing..thank goodness..this has been a long six weeks and we are so glad it is finally done!!!

Will we miss her??..of course we will..we just won't miss her "stuff"....she is gone from here..time for her to spread her wings and fly on her own!!..love ya Car...enjoy your new life!!!..you can come home anytime for dinner!!!

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