Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dreams never die..just the dreamer!!

Today was a day filled with dreaming..Our day was spent at the HUMDINGER RV SHOW in arena filled with the trailers, fifth wheels and buses enough to satisfy our RV dreams..not that we found our dream RV..we kicked a few tires, slammed a few drawers and sat in a few driver's seats wishing we were heading down the highway. (we did make on purchase though..a satellite dish and tri-pod)

After the RV show we went had some lunch at Tim Horton's with Mom and Dad..great to share the time at the show with them....we parted ways and they headed home..we went at got diesel at 95 cents a litre and then ventured towards the town of Chilliwack and O'Connor RV..more tire kicking..not much of any interest at this lot so we headed west towards home and decided to stop at Fraserway RV and look some more..we seem to be having a day filled with RV looking so why stop now..there was a couple there that could be contenders but we are by no means ready to make any final decisions.

We picked Tucker up from doggy daycare..went for  a walk along the pier at Rocky Point..had an order of fish and chips and fresh squeezed lemonaide for dinner...all in all a great day filled with only  if we had won the $41 million lottery prize..then our dreams would be fullfilled.

Once we got home the phone rang and it was my friend Brenda..we have not spoken since October so it was great to catch up with her...we understand each other..nothing like an old friend..makes me realize how much I miss having her in the neighbourhood.

Happy Saturday everyone...the sun has set on a good day here in Coquitlam....till next time..keep your dreams alive!


  1. Nice photos today. Sounds like you had a great time looking at the RV options out there in your area. You can never get too much information.
    Thanks for sharing your day.

  2. Sounds like some fun "tire kicking" you guys enjoyed. I love to go to RV shows and look at all the new things.

    Love the pictures of Tucker...especially the header! Cody continues to truly be a great full-timer. We are proud of him.

    Spring is here!!!!!! Enjoy, enjoy!!!!

    Mike and Gerri(


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