Saturday, March 6, 2010

FREEWAY preparing for the 2010 season


Today we loaded up FREEWAY with all the items from the plastic bins..made the bed, put all the towels and other items away in their designated spots..all we need now is food and clothes..i

It was a beautiful sunny day..perfect for this great job..our neighbour at the storage lot was still away so we could just park the truck beside FREEWAY and transfer everything...we were all done in a few hours..nice to have things back where they belong.

We just need to apologize to FREEWAY..because of course this past winter we have been perusing the Internet looking for a bigger and better 'home on wheels'..we are sorry FREEWAY we still love you..even though you are a small and cozy..we can hardly wait to get out and enjoy the 2010 RV season!!

Our first trip this year will be to our favourite local spot of Brae Island Regional Park in Fort Langley..stay tuned...only a few more weeks...and BIG DAWG AND FREEWAY will be back out on the road.

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