Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today is the eve of our 2010 "glamping season"..what is glamping you ask??..well it is taking the trailer and parking it in an RV park and having all the amenities..power,water,sewer, cable and internet..kind of like home without the home part!!

"Freeway" is all packed and ready to go..the fridge is on..and the clothes and all the other "stuff" is raring to go....us included..(Oliver is staying with Carlie....a little sleep over with his 'sister'..)

All this week we have been getting ready..making lists..packing bins..driving out the storage lot..unloading the truck and coming home again for another load..the first trip of the year is always the "worst"..trying to remember everything..in the hopes that we don't forget anything too important.

My day today involved a visit to the cardioligist..one ECG..blood pressure check..a halter monitor for 24 hours and an Echocardiogram in two weeks..all just precautionary..the Doctor does not think there will be any problems so we are just covering all the bases...

The afternoon was spent in Maple Ridge loading up the last of the bins..as I drove away I hoped that the fridge will stay lit..it always does but I always worry..silly I know, but that is just me!!

So tommorrow after work and five longs months of being sedentary, Bigdawg and Freeway will be hooked together again for a short trip to Fort Langley and Brae Island Regional Park..we can hope the weather will be good but it is Spring after all..and we all know the little saying..April showers bring May flowers!!

Happy Easter everyone..more here when we return on Monday!!

Our trip will be recorded on the trip journal..link below



  1. We look forward to hearing about all the fun and adventure of your first outing of the season. Safe travels!

  2. Have fun & travel safe my new friends...


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