Friday, March 19, 2010

If only??

our lives are filled with 'if only's"...

1. if only our jobs were more satisfying
2. if only our lottery numbers would come in
3. if only 2014 would hurry up and get here
4. if only we could move on with the next phase of our lives
5. if only we could just be happy with what we have
6. if only we could stop living vicariously through our blog friends
7. if only we could just enjoy each day  like  it was our last
8. if only the dog and cat  would stop leaving hair everywhere
9. if only there were more hours in the day
10. if only our dream was a bit closer within our grasp

We are trying really hard to 'keep an eye on the prize'..but some days it is very difficult ..we feel like we are hitting our heads agains the are frustrating but they are the means to the end so we need to get through each day and be thankful for that...we have the same lotto numbers that we have been playing for a few years..3,5 10, 15, 22 and 24..great numbers but have they been drawn..HELL NO...

We know we should not be wishing our lives away and be happy for what we have because we are very fortunate but some days it sure doesn't seem like it..our blog friends are what gets us through the day sometimes..we know that one day we will be the ones living our dream and there will be new rv  dreamers sitting at home wishing it was them!!

We spend five days a week in the working world..and the evenings go by very quickly filled with all the mundane chores..dinners, lunches, housework and laundry fill our weeks..then the weekends come around and they go by so quickly...and we are back at it again!!

Thanks for being out there and 'writing about your daily rv adventures" save us from falling into a 'dark hole of despair'..

No, this is not a 'pity party'..don't feel too sorry for us..we will 'snap' out of this mood soon..the dark days of winter are done and bring on 'camping season'


  1. Lotto? I got 5 numbers on the Washington Lotto about 3 years ago. It got me $1,000. Now, I'm not complaining about that money...but, I think what happened is I've now used up all of my good luck. So that means I'll never get the 6 number draw I need for the Big Prize of millions. Oh well.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Don't despair, time waits for no one and it will pass, just try to keep healthy and you will realize your dreams.We are in the same boat as you but now are getting closer than ever, we hope to put the house up for sale in a couple of months and then when that and getting rid of a lifetime of stuff is over, IT will begin for us. Just keep plugging away and you will have the dream at hand. Sam & Donna.

  3. We're happy to serve!

    Meanwhile, hang in there. Spring is on the way (I think) and soon your weekends will include outings in Freeway! Weekend outings helped us maintain our sanity while we waiting for the time to pass.

    This is a really important time for you as you fully experience all of the stuff you'll be so glad to be free of when you hit the road. Collect those campfire stories. You'll be glad you did!

    Be happy!!!


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