Saturday, March 6, 2010

just another Sunny Saturday!!

Just another normal sunny Saturday  at our house..we spent the late morning and early afternoon at the storage lot..Freeway is now re-loaded with all the stuff that we took out over the winter..the bed is made..towels are put away..we lit the fridge just to make sure it would work..that makes me happy..the fridge has to be working!!..we all have our obsessions and the fridge is mine!!  We need to fill the propane before we go on our first "road trip" to Fort Langley at the end of the month but other than that all we need are food and clothes loaded and the 2010 season will begin...and this makes us very HAPPY!!

Tucker spent the main part of the day at Uptown Dawg....he had a great time and then after we picked him up we went across the street to Rocky Point Park for a stroll along the pier..nice to walk a dog that is tired!!

The rest of our day was spent on the patio..drinking "paralyzers"..making dinner..belgian waffles..and perusing the internet..tommorrow.?? real plans as yet but we can hope for another glorious sunny day!!!


  1. Sounds like a great day getting your rig ready to roll. That is a beautiful pic you've posted.

  2. What a beautiful pier and a great photo of it!!

    I bet you are getting excited about getting the rig ready for its first journey of the season!! :) Glad you had great weather for it.

    Mike and Gerri


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