Saturday, March 27, 2010

just a wee bit of coaxing??

The purpose of today's blog is to coerce my beloved husband into actually doing an entry..I am the one hiding behind the keyboard in BIGDAWG AND FREEWAY..and now I think it is time for him to have turn!!...the subject today will be the places I want to see when we do finally hit the open BUCKET LIST for the United States...this is only a start but it will be interesting to see what is on his list..we can hope that some will be the same??

1. Arches National Park

2. Moab, Utah

3. The Grand Canyon

4. California Redwoods

5. California Coast

6. Montana

7. Crater Lake, Oregon

8. Sedona, Arizona

9.White Sands National Monument

10. Carlsbad Caverns

 11. Idaho

12 Yellowstone National Park

Oh there is more..but for now we will go with this ....there is always the idea of exploring some the diners, drive ins and dives too!!

Happy Saturday to you all..enjoy your weekend!!!..stay tuned for Doug's attempt at blogging!!


  1. Good Morning Sue... We have been to most of your bucket list and we also do Tripke D's as often as we can... Check some of my older post and if you don't find what you want just ask... This is what it is all about in our world... Sharing information. I know you'll have a blast! Have fun & Travel safe my new friend!!!

  2. You ask about the picture on my blog it is The Mittens Monument Valley Arizona.

    Be a great place to camp.


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