Wednesday, March 31, 2010

prepare to launch..Glamping 2010


Prepare to launch the 2010 Glamping Season!! Fort Langley and Brae Island Regional Park is our destination for our first trip of 2010...more tomorrow...

2010090212210737We are finally happy once again..'Bigdawg and Freeway' have left the storage lot in Maple Ridge, together again after being sedentary for almost six months..


We are parked in our favourite local campground. We have been to this park numerous times in the past few years and we always thoroughly enjoy our stay here.


We are in spot #28 on Salamander..we have a view of the water, the sunset and Mom and Dad are right next door in their beloved 'Oscar'.


We arrived here at 3:45 p.m. after our quick trip over the Golden Ears Bridge and through the section of Langley known as Walnut Grove.

2010090212323489The weather today has been good..some sun and cloud and a few raindrops. We were set up within an hour and visiting with Mom and Dad once we were organized.

Tucker has a new nickname... Digger..he dug a big hole while we were visiting..bad poochie!

Tomorrow Doug has to go to work..poor him..the rest of us get to enjoy the day!!!

As I am writing this, Doug is watching Ice Road Truckers and Tucker is fast asleep..ahh the life of the working dawg!


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