Saturday, April 3, 2010

All we want is a Satellite signal?


The weather today was a good one..the rain and wind storm from last night has now blown by and we are blessed with sun and clouds..a perfect day for life outside!!!


We spent the better part of the day trying to get the satellite dish to pick up a signal..we had absolutely no luck..we tried calling our satellite provider and we were still beginner's luck for us.

We surveyed the campsite and looked at everyone else's satellite dishes and came to the conclusion that the trees are in the way!!

2010093213708957Doug did manage to talk to one of our neighbours here in the park and he gave him a satellite finder..the dish may come out of the box again tomorrow and give it another try...He is determined to make it work!!

Once we decided to give up on this project and pack it all away until next time..the sun came out..we had a campfire..

Carlie arrived for a visit..bringing with her a jackpot of winnings from the Langley Casino!!!..yeah for her!!..she is a very generous daughter and shared some of her winnings with us!!

Our afternoon was spent in front of the campfire and enjoying being outside instead of being trapped in the trailer because of the bad weather.


We roasted some hotdogs and Doug and Carlie walked the dog down the trail.

My brother, Michael also came for a quick visit and once everyone left we cooked dinner. More time was spent around the campfire and then the rains started once again!..we went over to 'Oscar' and had a couple of shots of Disaronna.

All in all a good more full day tomorrow!!!..Happy Easter everyone!!!..and thanks for the chocolates, Mom and Dad!!



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