Sunday, April 18, 2010

another weekend done!

Well as yet another weekend comes to a close..we had a lovely time at Eagle Wind
 RV park in Aldergrove, BC..just a short distance from the storage lot in Maple Ridge.  A brand new RV park just off Highway 1 was our home for the weekend.

A nice, restful weekend was ours...we had rain, clouds and sun..we slept well, walked and tried not to think of the problems that have been plaguing us at home.

Cost of satellite dish...$50
Cost of satellite service..$25 a month
getting the dish to actually work..priceless

As we were pulling out of the RV park..we were wishing we could go east instead of day we will have the freedom to go where ever we want...we can dream!..keep our eye on the prize!!

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  1. Keep focused on your dream, it will, come, We are getting ever closer with the house for sale and the weather getting warmer, Haven't had the 5th wheel out this year yet but it is ready except for food. Time stops for no one and your a day closer everyday. Be Safe out there, Sam & Donna.


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