Saturday, April 17, 2010

dish of aggravation


Our Saturday morning started off with me sleeping till after 8:30. It was a bit rainy, but nothing that would dampen our spirits today.

Doug figured he would give the 'aggravation dish' another go..he is determined to get it to work.

2010107172451014We called Shaw and they re-activated the receiver. Doug spoke with our neighbour and he got some assistance from him..thank goodness for the kindness of strangers..

We hooked into his dish and now have least we know the cables and receiver work. There will be a 'dish lesson' at some point this weekend.

This afternoon we took Tucker to the Aldergrove Dog Park for a round of chase the ball.


We also took a drive to 'The Blackwood Lane Winery' purchase or tasting was done..just a couple of pictures.


We then tried to find 'The Dead Frog Brewery'..but we realized it was in a warehouse area of Aldergrove..not quite picture worthy?

We spent the balance of the day relaxing..not much on the agenda for us..pasta for dinner and a glass of wine will round out our Saturday.

"keep your eye on the prize"

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