Friday, April 16, 2010

Eagle Wind RV Park


Bigdawg and Freeway are back out on the open road..




well the road to Aldergrove,B.C.


and the Eagle Wind RV Park..about a half hour drive from the storage lot in Maple Ridge. A great RV Park that is close to home.

201010716395647520101071640016492010107164007136Eagle Wind RV Park is just off Highway One, exit 264. A small RV park that has room for big-rigs. There is a pool and hot tub, a common room with a stone fireplace, patio, barbeque, laundry room, and free wifi.

2010107170404046We have driven through this RV park before but this is the first time we have stayed here.

We were happy with the reception we received on arrival and our site has room for the trailer and truck..there is hedges in between each site and once they fill in the sites will be quite private.


We arrived after work, got things organized..made an attempt at once again setting up the satellite dish, but still have not had any luck getting a signal.


We will call Shaw in the morning and get them to re-activate the receiver in the hopes that this will help.

We are lulled to sleep with the sounds of the traffic on the highway..but the sound of our fan will drown out the rumbling traffic.

Till tomorrow from Eagle Wind..dream on!!

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