Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend recap!

My top ten list  for Easter Weekend 2010

1. rain
2 . wind
3. more rain and more wind
4. time with Mom and Dad
5. satellite dish not working
6. campfire
7. sunny day
8. Carlie came to visit..bringing casino winnings that she shared!
9. lots of  walks with Tucker
10. being rested when we got home

A great weekend was had by it is back to reality and working for a least till the next trip!!


  1. Hope your Easter was good despite all the rain... Have a good one & Travel safe!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful restful time for all. Glad you had a good Easter even though there was some rain and least it stopped. :)

    Take care and have a great week.

    Mike & Gerri(

  3. Where is Wordless Wednesday ?????

    Did you see my answer to your question about towing the Explorer? If not, please let me know.

    Glad you enjoyed your Easter, inspite of the weather.


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