Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gut Instinct?

I have come to the conclusion that we are at a loss as to what to do with ourselves when we stay "home" on the weekends!!

This is a nice sunny weekend and FREEWAY sits idle in the storage lot..what were we thinking??..we did toss around the idea of just hooking up on Friday and heading out but we didn't..darn it!!..should have went with the "gut instinct" and got the heck out of town!

As another weekend winds down..filled with dog walking, groceries. errands and 'tire kicking'..our favourite thing to do..I can only wish that we had gotten the heck out of here!!..sorry FREEWAY..soon you will be released from your  "chain link prison" and feel the wind of the road.

My four-legged fur children are happy got to spend all day at daycare and the other boy loves a pile of warm laundry fresh from the dryer..ahh the simple life of my "boyz"

On a side note..I just want to say thank you all of you who commented on my previous blog..thanks for your support..we will "keep our eye on the prize"..onward and upward..we will get there!!!

Cost of one doggy day care day..$22.50
Cost of one dryer full of warm laundry..$2.00
Two happy boyz..priceless

p.s: I want to thank Natasha for this "priceless idea"

1 comment:

  1. Always go with your gut!!! :) Just remember next weekend will come and you can set Freeway free to feel the wind of the road. The boyz sure look happy!
    Sorry things are so rough at work. I agree with Margie....hang out with the RV folks. Much nicer group!! Seriously, I am sorry things are as they are. This too shall pass and one day soon it will be only a memory. Hang in there!!

    Mike & Gerri


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