Monday, April 5, 2010

Home again


Our first trip of 2010 is now a distant memory as we get ready for another work was a lovely weekend and a great start to our 2010 season with Bigdawg and Freeway.

We left the campground about 945 and we were at the storage lot by 1015 and home by 1030..all the laundry is now complete and the bins are at the front door getting ready for the next trip.

We are rested and can't believe we have been gone from home since last Wednesday..

Oliver is back home and has perched himself on the arm of the 'boys' are back together is normal once again.

Carlie came by for dinner and a quick visit..and she is gone to her house..

We have once again assumed our positions..Doug in the living room watching television and me on the is good...

We can now look forward to our next trip!! go round will be much easier now that Freeway is loaded up and ready to go!!

We hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!

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