Saturday, April 24, 2010

just another Saturday!!

Our Saturday morning started off really slow..we watched the local news..Keremeos was the small town feature (Doug's brother and his wife have lived there since 1999)....the whole premise of the idea is to show the small towns of British Columbia...residents send in photos of the area..and Karen sent in a few pictures..she was the star photographer this morning..wonder if we should ask for her autograph next weekend??..( the following photos are not her's but if gives you an insight into what Keremeos looks like)

We spent the afternoon out and about..first we went to the Stormtech Factory Outlet ..we got some great deals..regular cost for 2 hoodies...and three jackets would have been $366..our price was $73..can you say "screaming deal"..we were then off to the land of Walmart..printer ink, a compass and some rechargable batteries were on our list...lunch time..another coupon..for A and W...then off to find a new virtually undestructable toy for Tucker..he has ruined every toy we have every we are trying a new one called a "tuffy" layers of stitching..and a few layers of fabric..we will let you know how long this one stop for today was a hair cut for me..and then off to pick up Tucker from doggy daycare. 

Our evening was occupied with the on the lap top and Doug on the desktop..he was downloading some new music for the IPOD NANO...all in all a good day...what will tomorrow bring..??..depends on the weather?..maybe some tulips??..stay tuned....


  1. Our Lab Rigg's is the same way, he loves his Duckey toys but they only last less than a month,fortunately Wal-mart has them for $5.00, so he has been through a lot of them. Be safe out there Sam & Donna..

  2. Beautiful setting for a small community! Very peaceful. :)

    Mike & Gerri (


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