Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our saving grace..

We have not been  having a good week..I am not going to get into why, who or what..but needless to say we are happy that we have made it through with only  a few week may not be any better but we can hope!!

Our one 'saving grace'..has been all the blogs and trip journals..a bright spot in our days!!..thanks again for making us 'dream' and 'keep our eye on the prize'..but this weekend we are going with our 'gut instinct' and getting out of town..FREEWAY will be freed from his chain link enclosure and feel the wind once again!!

The weather may not be too promising but an escape from reality is just what we need..onward and upward..and the 'pedal to the metal'..we will be happy once again!!..our little home on wheels is calling us!!

See ya later!!


  1. I think the worst day RVing beats the best day doing anything else. Enjoy your matter how short it may be! Things may just begin to improve this week. Hey, you never know!!! Hang in there.

  2. So glad you decided to get FREEWAY out this weekend and let that sweet machine do what it is meant to do....make you all happy!!

    Hope you all have a great time! :)

    Mike & Gerri

  3. So glad you had a nice weekend. Those will help you maintain your sanity...believe me! Where are you going next weekend????????????


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