Sunday, April 18, 2010

Successful Sunday!!!


We were up early on this glorious Sunday morning and we were greeted by a beautiful, sunny day!!

After our coffee and breakfast we made the decision to pay the extra $10 charge and extend our stay until 1:00 p.m.


The plan was to get the ever elusive satellite dish working!!!...after some assistance from our neighbour and a borrowed television, Doug was left to his own devices and he moved the dish in every direction..trying to follow our neighbour's advice..finally after about 45 minutes with no luck..


I said.."just sell the stupid thing, it's not worth the aggravation!!"..he moved the dish and a miracle..he finally hit it!!!

Can you say HAPPY!!!??..we were beginning to wonder if we would figure out this darn system!!!..a little boost of confidence and some channels on the television inside and we are HAPPY CAMPERS once again!

2010108174542673Now that it was working..we had some time to enjoy the sunny day..sat in the my book and before long it was time to pack up and head on down the highway towards home and the reality that goes along with it.

FREEWAY is back in his chain-link enclosure waiting until the next time we feel the need to escape!!


Thanks for joining us on this short little getaway...stay tuned..more to come one day soon!

'keep your eye on the prize'


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