Friday, April 2, 2010

Toto..this doesn't look like Fort Langley anymore?


It seems that this weekend is all about the weather..wind and rain and more wind!!

Our day today was a mostly indoor day..the computer and television seemed to fill the day. The rain was coming down in the morning and then the winds this Fort Langley??

Doug ventured into the town of Langley..on a mission to find some cable items so he can set up the satellite dish that we purchased a few weeks was a wild goose chase..Canadian Tire..London Drugs..Walmart..The Source and he finally had some luck at Home Depot!!

We attempted to set up the satellite dish and tripod with Dad's compass expertise and then the power went out!!!..what the heck??..this is not meant to be!..since there was no electricity .

.Happy hour time and a few glasses of wine..still no are we suppose to make nachos??...once we started preparing dinner the power came back on but it was still windy.

Once dinner was over Doug decided he wanted to see if he could get the satellite dish to work..him in the rain and wind and me inside with the portable radio..did we have any luck?..NOPE!!..the winds and rain were not making it very easy.but do we do ever do things the easy way??

This wind storm seems to remind me of my stay at Nk'mip..not a memory I wish to relive!

The television selections are minimal this evening and the internet was painfully slow and almost internet stick is looking pretty good at the moment!!

We headed to bed early..pulled the covers over our heads in the hopes that we would still be in Fort Langley in the morning..poor FREEWAY..rocking and rolling through the night!!! seems other form of entertainment today was watching all the RV's coming in and trying to get their homes on wheels in a perfect position!..we had a few laughs watching the wife running around the bus and the husband in the driver's seat banging his head against the steering wheel..

We can only hope that we have not been the form of someone else's entertainment..we have had a few issues backing up over the last couple of years..but at least we can laugh about it after!!



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