Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where have all the tulips gone?


Our day trip today was to go the Tulip Festival on Seabird Island in Agassiz..a small town about 92 kilometers from home. We headed east on Highway One towards the tulip fields and Harrison Hot Springs..our other planned stop for the day.


Once we found the fields..TOO more rows upon rows of colour..we missed it!!!

Pictures92..should have checked the website before we left home this morning..did they not know we were driving all that way..could they not have waited to harvest until after today!!???

Pictures93After the disappointment of no rows of colour..we headed towards Harrison Hot Springs for a walk on the beach and our picnic lunch..the sun was shining..white puffy clouds..a perfect day for a walk on the promenade..

Pictures94and some tulips that were begging for their picture to be taken...

Pictures95Once lunch was done we headed west on Highway 7 towards home..but not before a stop at Kilby Provincial Park and the general store...another photo opportunity ..this time with Doug behind the camera..

Pictures96Pictures97We are getting use to using our new the time summer is here we should be "old pros"..?? yes we took alot of photos today..a great day for a drive!!!

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