Sunday, May 16, 2010

Every dog has it's day!

There is a new song out by Toby Keith..called 'every dog has it's day' was once again all about the dog.

This morning started out with the usual Munday Park stroll..and Tucker and Emme chasing each other through the trails of mud and muck..that was until Tucker at  full speed decided to take out Doug at the knees and send him to the ground..the bigger they are the harder they fall!!..poor him..banged up knee and hand..could have been worse.
In the afternoon we were planning on going to Porteau Cove for our picnic lunch but we changed our minds as we crossed over the Lions Gate Bridge and headed towards the Capilano Suspension stopping there..I am afraid of heights so I am not going to pay $$ for something that would make my legs turn to instead we headed about a mile up the road to the Cleveland Dam..a lovely park..a view of Grouse Mountain, The Lions, the Capilano Watershed and of course the Dam.

After our lunch and the photo taking we headed west towards Cypress Provincial Park to admire the view..we managed to get a few pictures and Carlie met one of the lawyers from her work..and his wife and their new puppy..COFFEE..she is eight weeks old..and as cute as can be..

One more stop today was the Coquitlam Firefighter's Fitness Challenge at Coquitlam the time we got there though it was over ..too year we will be sure to go earlier!!

We have had a very busy day..filled with a lot of picture taking opportunities..and our day ended with a bottle of wine on the patio and a 'redneck dinner'..ribs, beans and coleslaw..a perfect Sunday!!
Thanks for reading along..


  1. Look's like you and the dog's had a great day out, We have a young Lab, Rigg's, who is still in the puppy stage even though he's close to one hundred pounds, he weighs about the same as Donna and she has to watch that she isn't bowled over. What would we do without their companionship. Have a safe day, Sam & Donna.

  2. What absolutely beautiful pictures!! I especially love the one with Tucker...nice pose.
    Seeing his picture reminds me of just how old our sweet Cody is getting. Cody has the distinguished white hair around his face. Coffee is really cute...she will be a pretty girl when all grown up.

    Glad you all had such a great day. :)

    Mike & Gerri

  3. Stunning photos--you have a great eye! I look forward to following your travels!


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