Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's in a name??

Before I write about what a great day we had today..I need to reveal some news...After much deliberation and number crunching we made some major decisions with regards to our beloved "BIGDAWG AND FREEWAY"..

For  those of you who know us all know how much we love the RVing lifestyle...but we needed to make some drastic for the next few years there will be no more RVing for us ..we have traded our 'BIGDAWG AND FREEWAY'...and purchased a new 'FREEWAY'..our plan is to eventually purchase a new 'BIGDAWG' so for the next few years we will be doing road trips but staying in hotels...there will still be blogging and adventures for us..just not RVing adventures.

So as we temporarily say 'so long ' to RVing..we say 'HELLO' to our new 'FREEWAY' day he will be our TOAD but for now he is just simply our 'FREEWAY'...thanks for the memories..we will miss it..but we will be back!!!

Now onwards to our adventure today...through the wonders of the internet we have  followers of our blog and I in turn follow many..or you could say I am an 'internet creeper'..either way you call it..'creeper or stalker'..we have met some very nice people and today was no exception...Our new found friends are Donna and Ralph and Norm and Chris..they were staying at Thousand Trails in Birch Bay for the past few was the last day we would  have been able to meet up..(they are headed to Alaska for the summer) we are always up for some new found friends.

Our morning started early..we heard on the radio that there was  long border line ups..we headed towards the Sumas Border Crossing..there was a very large line up..four cars in front of us!!...for once the radio was wrong..since we had so much time we headed south towards Burlington and Camping World..we need some new fold up chairs for our afternoon at the beach. 

We stopped at a rest area on the way north for a picnic lunch and then we were off to visit our new 'friends'..we came bearing, a stuffed moose and a loaf of cranberry nut bread and pumpkin loaf..we figure if they don't like us we can bribe them with gifts...Needless to say the visit went very well..such a warm welcome we received..thank you for a great was great to meet you all..and safe travels to you as you head North to Alaska!!

Donna and Ralph and "Tiffie"..

Birch Bay State Park was our next stop..this is one of our favourite places...

As the sun sets on another great day..we are thankful for our new friends..and the ability to explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


  1. We did the same thing about selling the the old RV and are saving to buy a new or newer one as time gets closer for us to leave in 2013 0r 2014.

  2. What a great meetup! And, doesn't your new Freeway look comfortable parked next to a motorhome!!!! It won't be long for you!

  3. I love it! I love it! I love it! We are Jeep people and your new Freeway is terrific!! She will be so happy following behind your new Big Dawg! That was one huge step toward your future goal and it will be here before you know it. I love the 4 doors! Wish we had 4. We have the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with both hard/soft tops. So far only hard top has been on. We MUST venture out to the soft top and open air driving.

    Take care....have fun with your new Freeway!
    Mike & Gerri

  4. We had such a great time too and now have new forever friends... Loved the gifts and Morris Moose will be sitting on the dash and traveling the USA & Canada with us from now on. And when we get to the campground we will be opening the wine and having a toast to our new friends...
    Happy Birthday Suzy and enjoy your special day my friend. Thanks for the gifts and your wonderful company... we would have loved you without them!

  5. You still have your dream and that is the important thing. You haven't given up you have just postponed it until the time is right. We had to do the same thing a few years back. Sold our MH because we couldn't use it due to ailing parents. Eventually our time came around and now we are living the dream. Good luck! Keep posting about your life, it's all good. Love the new Freeway, too.


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