Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It rises in the east and sets in the west??!!!

We bought our condo in 2003...it faces Northwest...not a good idea when it is 'stinking hot'..we get the sun from about 2:00 pm until it goes down..beating on our lovely corner windows..all three of them...
When we first moved in it was November!!.. we did not think of summertime and how hot it would be..we suffered for a few summers..as the trees got taller it got a bit better..blocked some of the sunshine..and then the gardener trimmed the trees..no more sun blocking for us...we purchased the rattan blinds for the outside of the windows in the hopes that it would help..we have four electric fans and a ceiling fan..still with no relief..sleeping has been very difficult on a bad day!!!
Then we bought the trailer..our portable air conditioner on wheels..too hot at home ??..lets take the trailer and GO!!..well, now that the trailer is no more..we have  to ‘sweat it out’ this summer????
This will be our first summer at home since 2007..no escaping the heat??..or will there be??..thanks to Doug’s brother we are the proud owners of a Kenmore Elite Portable Air Conditioner..this makes us very happy!!!!..no more sweating??..no more draping ourselves with frozen towels ..we can hardly wait..bring on the heat ..we are SO READY!!!!!

Doug’s fine handiwork..making the hoses fit in the sliding door!!!..such a smart man!!


  1. Our son has a portable AC like yours. He loves it. Enjoy the coolness!

  2. Great....now we're really not going to get any summer..you jinxed it!!!
    I swear, if summer doesn't show up soon, I'm moving to PV!!!


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