Monday, June 28, 2010

Jeepers Creepers?

We received an email from our friends, ‘Boris and Natasha” with regards to the “Jeep Wave”.  There is Jeep etiquette with regards to waving to fellow jeep owners.  We had no idea that there was  wave we have now started waving to all the fellow Jeep owners that we they wave back??. NO!

They look at us like we are strange???..we have had one person do the Jeep Wave but that was before we knew about the proper etiquette??.. Maybe it is only the American Jeep owners that wave??..the Canadians seem to be a bit behind in their ‘waving’.

We will continue to ‘wave’ to our fellow jeep owners in the hopes that one day soon this ‘Jeep Wave’ will catch for now we will look like ‘Jeeper Creepers’ if you see us and you are a Jeep owner..please wave back!!

Boris and Natasha said that there is a warning  with regards to the ‘jeep wave’:



Owning, registering, insuring and driving a Jeep implies knowledge of and intent to abide but the



following rules.  Failure to obey the rules may result in your being ignored by other other Jeep



Owners as you sit along the side of road next to your stalled vehicle in a blizzard surrounded by



Saturns, Yugos and Hyundais.  So get with it..if you not already it already..START







from one Wrangler owner to another..Please Wave!!..we don’t want to be known as the





  1. BIG WAVE!!!!!!
    Like you, we've noticed not everyone waves back.
    And, yes, according to protocol, we would leave those Jeepers in a snowbank. We just have to!
    But, LOTS of people WILL wave. Really, they will!
    Keep the WAVE alive!
    Boris, Natasha and Rocky!

  2. We do the Jeep Wave and we (most of the time) get a wave back. It's really fun! So yes, lets keep the wave alive!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. There is supposed to be a motorhome "wave" too. We always try to wave and about 50% of the time get a wave back. We aren't Jeepers, we're Explorers, and I think the Explorers are not wavers. Too bad for us. Have fun in your jeep!


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