Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a partial wordless wednesday

June 30th 1976 was first my day at Royal Columbian Hospital..a job in the kitchen was mine..wage $4.54 an hour!!..34 years later..still there!!history1


  1. You still in the kitchen? Working at the same place for so many years shows how loyal you are, and how hardworking!


  2. You were in house keeping when I had all the boys except time flies!!!

  3. Very good!! I agree with Nellie...that much time in one place shows loyalty and hardwork on your part and perhaps a great place to work on their part. In any case...Congratulations! Not many stay that consistent in todays world.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. From your loving husband you have been the rock when it has been sticking to one place to work.Congratulations on a milestone only a few to go 48. Love you and thanks

  5. Congratulations! The place is lucky to have you! Do something special today to celebrate. Cheers!

  6. thanks to everyone for the nice wishes!! was a good day at immediate supervisor wished my a very happy anniversary and then called me in the office..and I thought 'oh gawd, I am in trouble'..and he said he wanted to thank me for all my hard work and he had purchased a cake for me to share with my co-workers!!..totally out of character for him but I was very grateful!! good deed goes unnoticed..:)


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