Sunday, June 27, 2010

Winner Winner ..Chicken Dinner!!!

Sunday Morning Romp at Mundy Park..this photo was taken mid walk..thank goodness there is a lake for a swim!! ..these photos were taken with Doug’s cell phone so the quality is not that can’t see how the mud is imbedded into Tucker’s fur!!..ewwww

IMG00007-20100627-0750 IMG00008-20100627-0750


IMG_0053 there is my ‘houndsome  boy’ ..all cleaned up!!


After the romp in the mud..breakfast on the sundeck..and the NORTHERN FLICKER sighting in the tree..housework and grocery shopping..we were off to the races..HORSE RACING THAT IS!!!!

IMG_0988 IMG_0871

IMG_0874 IMG_0873

This was our first time ever to Hastings Racecourse in Vancouver..the reason for spending the afternoon at the races??..Ron and Karen’s horse ‘Bobby’ was running in Race #7..”CLASSIC ALLEY KAT”..the new owners are Glenn Todd and Patrick Kinsella..Ron and Karen told us to see if we could find Mr. Todd, which we did..we said our ‘hellos’ and continued on with our ‘newbie excitement ‘ of gambling our small fortune on a few races. or show....furlongs..wagers…claiming races..all ‘chinese’ to us?? I said we are ‘newbies’…we placed our first wager of $10 on CRIMSON QUEEN…a Glenn Todd horse..we did the win, place or show..and we won $12!!!

IMG_0882 IMG_0885

IMG_0886 IMG_0891

We are on a ‘roll now” race was #6..our picks for this one were #5 PRIVATE INTENTION (another Glenn Todd horse)..and #8 ORCHID STORM (Ron and Karen’s neighbour’s horse..Pat and Wendell Clifton)

IMG_0901 IMG_0905

IMG_0922 IMG_0915

This race did not end well for our bets!!..we lost our $10…GEEZ!!!..and here we thought we were getting the ‘hang of it’

IMG_0933 !IMG_0934

onto the flower pictures..and the Hat Girls..I think we missed the email on ‘dressing up’..we thought for a second we were at ‘Churchill Downs”

IMG_0908 IMG_0909

Hats ..suits and cigars seem to be the normal attire on a Sunday at Hastings Racecourse!!!

IMG_0875 IMG_0876

It was finally time for Race #7 and our favourite pick of the day…#4 CLASSIC ALLEY KAT..(AKA..BOBBY)..we bet it all on her to win..a whole $40!!!

IMG_0939 IMG_0944

IMG_0945 IMG_0958

IMG_0974 IMG_0976

IMG_0978 IMG_0979

IMG_0986 IMG_0914


A great day!!!!


  1. I haven't been to the track in years. My dad's uncle had horses so we went often.
    Congrats on your win!! Nice photo of the flicker!!! I get lots at my their spots!!!!

  2. Fun pics! I think the girl with the brace on her arm was wearing a big girl diaper under her dress. Love the flower pics...I'm a sucker for vibrant colors!


  3. Yay!!! That was a good win!! I thought the brace was a nice touch on that awful dress. Love the "big girl diaper" thing...that is exactly what it looks like. Funny!
    Poor Tucker...he was a mess but he does clean up nicely! I bet he had fun..thats always a sure sign.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Congratulations on the big win! I like your betting system - don't bet the horse, bet the owner! Goofy looking dress on that woman too!


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