Monday, July 26, 2010

Assuming our positions…

When I was growing up, we..meaning me and my was our job on Saturdays to help my mom clean house..not our favourite thing to do ..but we suffered through it and got it we could do what we wanted on Saturday forward 35 some years and guess what? is housework day at our house!…I have no sister to mom to daughter moved out..hubby is at work..all I have are my ‘fur children’..will they help??..are you kidding me??..they have ‘assumed their positions”…

IMG_1850  IMG_1851

Tucker?..sleeping by the the hopes that I hurry up and get things done so he can go to the park…Oliver?..deathly afraid of the vacuum..hence the reason he is in his crate..he just wants the jobs he can come out again! know if you two would help it wouldn’t take so long….!!!

Out comes all the cleaning supplies…one for every job….IMG_1852 IMG_1853


the fastest trigger in the west..just me and my windex…!!..the house is clean..well as clean as it can be with  two ‘hairy fur children’…..the fur balls grow over they need to be kept under control…hence the necessity for the little yellow vacuum..

Now that Doug is back to is now my job to make dinner..this is a working vacation..and a vacation for least from doing the cooking..yes, ladies he does the cooking when we are both working..I am gonna have to get creative over the next few weeks…we can’t be eating or drinking the same old thing all the time…

Now what is for dinner tomorrow???..tonight we had burgers, coleslaw and tomato slices with bocconcini cheese and basil…

so my vacation..yes, it is until September a working one..and Doug gets vacation from the work at home….don’t know who the lucky one is…but we have all assumed our positions for the summer of 2010…


  1. I'm not sure who or Doug?? BUT if my memory serves me correctly from back when I did work I think YOU did. Housework just never was one of my favorite things.
    Our little male Shih Tzu (Nick) is deathly afraid of the vacuum. Sometimes I have to hold him as I vacuum. I don't want him to have a heart attack.
    You all have fun in your positions!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. When you move into your RV fulltime the cleaning will take even less time! Can't say that the fur kids won't still make "furry messes" but nothing they can do about that. Fun post today!

  3. See, even housework is blog worthy. Good job...with the housework and with the blog.

  4. I'm thinking cooking and cleaning is a small price to pay for two months off of work! You got the better deal. :) Emjoy your vacation.

  5. Say WHAT??? Bocconcini cheese? Enlighten me on that one..I love any kind of cheese, but that's a new one. I'm with Margie...When you go full-time, the cleaning HAS to be much easier! You should be able to do it all in under an hour...We have a 2 story house and I clean the upstairs one day and downstair the next...

  6. hey is a soft unripened cheese..sort of like mozzerella...comes in a container in the deli department..
    sliced roma tomatoes, slice the on top..fresh basil..salt and pepper..olive oil and balsamic vinegar..making some more tonight..come on over!!..I will post a picture later!!

  7. Housework is TORTURE!! I'd rather dig a long as the weather was nice, and I had some seriously padded gloves! Cooking isn't housework long as cleaning the kitchen isn't lumped into it thereby making it a chore. Hey, I'm on medicine, and this makes sense to me!


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