Monday, July 19, 2010

A day filled with S’s!!

Our day started with coffee, yogurt and scones..we sat and watched the view this morning while we enjoyed our breakfast!

IMG_1189 IMG_1193


Our plan for our first full day in Lincoln City involved heading to the Tanger Outlet Mall and a few of the shops along the Highway 101..

IMG_1239 IMG_1202

IMG_1203 IMG_1204

IMG_1206 IMG_1207

We saw this ‘old golden boy’ sitting in the driver’s seat waiting patiently for his owners to come back..made us laugh and think of our boy ‘Tucker’..knowing he would be doing the same thing if he could get in the front seat of the jeep!!


After all the shopping we were hungry next mission was lunch!!!..we went to  MO’s..(sorry godfadda..we know how you feel about this restaurant..but we had to go..we do APOLOGIZE!)

IMG_1220 IMG_1218 IMG_1219 IMG_1212

IMG_1213 IMG_1223

after our clam chowder soup..we headed out to the pier to take a few photos..a picture perfect day once again!

IMG_1228 IMG_1209

IMG_1226 IMG_1229

We headed back towards our hotel but found one more picture taking of many today…

IMG_1238 IMG_1233

IMG_1235 IMG_1236

our afternoon was spent sitting on the beach..we pulled the chairs out of the back of jeep..and parked ourselves with our drinks and books in hand..and RELAXED!

IMG_1245 IMG_1249

IMG_1251 IMG_1261

IMG_1263 IMG_1258

dinner tonight was at a 60’s cafe…Doug indulged and had a real chocolate milk know the kind the come with the remaining shake in a metal tin..we both had a yummy burger…delicious!..this place needs to be on ‘triple D’

IMG_1279 IMG_1274

IMG_1278 IMG_1276

this restaurant is complete with the jukebox..and the 60’s style decor!!

one more photo op after dinner…a stop at the American veterans and Desert Storm Memorial…

IMG_1281 IMG_1284

IMG_1294 IMG_1287


so as the sun sets on our day of S’ sunsets..we say so long till tomorrow

IMG_1298_1 IMG_1303


  1. Thanks for the tour of Lincoln City and all the great photos. The hotel you're staying at is definitely the same one we stayed at in the early 90's. I've never forgotten that spectacular view of the ocean and the beach. The Oregon coast is a photographer's paradise.

  2. Enjoyed the tour of Lincoln City, especially the pic of the Golden driver. The beach looked so relaxing and the sunset beautiful.
    Beautiful pics.
    Take care and be safe!
    Mike & Gerri

  3. Did they have malts at that 60's cafe? I can't seem to find a good malt anywhere. :)

  4. Heavenly! You guys hit the jackpot there. Hope you get a repeat of the "S" day today!


  5. Thanks for sharing this wonderful day with your readers. Your photos are totally amazing. Loved those kite ones, particularly. Interesting shapes and colors.


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