Friday, July 30, 2010

dog parenting skills???


Here I thought I was being a good ‘dog mom’ taking Tucker for the park to chase the ball…go swimming.

NOPE..BAD MOM..He needs a new you know anyone who would like a
“houndsome golden retriever??”

april 2010








If you are wondering what the different parts are in the dog paw photo above, here is the key:
A. claws
B. digital pads ("toes" - for bearing weight)
C. metacarpal pad (the largest pad)
D. dew claw (many dogs have these removed at an early age)
E. carpal pad (this provides additional traction when descending slopes










Tucker’s Part E..on both front legs..injured!!!..sliced open..don’t know how or I said ‘bad MOM’..





















sorry little buddy..gotta keep you hidden away so the men in the white van don’t come and take you away…no Park today!!!


  1. Glad to see Tucker was bandaged up and cared for right away, our Lab is so rambunctious it's a miricle he doesn't hurt himself more. Hope you and Tucker get to spend many more years together He is sure a handsome Lab, Tell him his buddy Rigg's in Dardenne Prairie MO says hi. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  2. Oh no! He looks so pitiful in the last pic. Maybe you can turn on Animal Planet for him to watch on tv while he mends :)

  3. Oh, I'd love Tucker, but then he'd be sad to leave you! Maybe we could trade for a while? Wild Child, Emma, could use being put in her place by a cat, and Tucker could recooperate in the crisp mountain air. :)

  4. Sure hope Tucker gets better soon! I'll bet Tucker thinks your're the best Mom in the whole world for looking after his paw so well!

  5. I hope Tucker gets well real soon..and leaves his bandages on!! You are a good mom and I'm sure he doesn't hold any of this against you!

  6. I am sure he will forgive you, and a few extra treats will help that process along :)

  7. No, you're not a bad mom!! A bad mom would have ignored it. He will now proceed to "milk it", hoping for extra love, treats and priviledges...which you, of course, will give him...


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